Plunify Delivers Per-Minute Pricing for Plunify Cloud

December 05, 2018


Plunify Delivers Per-Minute Pricing for Plunify Cloud

Pre-Configured Environment Offers Cost-Effective Way to Work on FPGA Projects in the Cloud

Plunify, a leading design optimization technology provider, today announced per-minute pricing for Plunify Cloud, a cloud-based platform for FPGA designers to compile designs at scale and reduce design turnaround time.

With per-minute pricing, Plunify Cloud users pay for the time they use instead of by the hour, offering a cost-effective way to work on FPGA projects in the cloud. The required FPGA tools and licenses are pre-installed and pre-configured, eliminating the need for IT expertise.

Plunify Cloud solutions will be demonstrated in the Plunify booth at Xilinx Developer Forum in Frankfurt, Germany, Monday, December 10.

“FPGA toolchain and IT management problems are solved with the cloud,” affirms Kirvy Teo, Plunify’s chief operating officer. “A platform like Plunify Cloud provides the convenience of a pre-configured environment with per-minute pricing, delivering an inexpensive way for designers to get started without upfront hardware and software investment or, more important, cloud management skills.”

Per-Minute Pricing for Plunify Cloud

IT requirements for FPGA tools are growing exponentially due to larger designs and newer devices. Large engineering organizations continue to use traditional budgeting practices to forecast the required number of servers and licenses and gauge usage patterns leading to resource over- or under-provisioning. Smaller organizations lack the scale to justify large upfront costs to procure high-performance, on-premises servers.

Plunify Cloud offers pay-per-minute pricing and an all-in-one pricing model that includes servers, networking, storage and tool licenses to give users the flexibility to scale compute resources up or down and pay only for actual usage. Per-minute pricing starts at $0.007 and is supported across all server classes on the platform. An optional pre-paid mechanism offers better control of expenditures.

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About Plunify

Solutions from Plunify enable designers to meet FPGA design performance targets, shorten product time to market and reduce development costs with no disruption to existing workflows. It solves complex chip design timing and performance problems through machine learning techniques for a variety of markets. Those include communications, data center applications and applications such as high-end test and measurement equipment, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and high-frequency trading (HFT). Plunify’s portfolio includes the Plunify Cloud and EDAxtend chip design platforms, InTime timing closure tool and InTime Service.


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