Automate the Edge Leveraging Lattice's Revised Solution Stacks

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 20, 2023


Automate the Edge Leveraging Lattice's Revised Solution Stacks
Image Credit: Lattice

Hillsboro, Oregon. Lattice Semiconductor  released its latest updates to the Lattice Automate and Lattice sensAI solution stacks. Utilizing low-power Lattice FPGAs, the solutions create effective, customizable, and protected Industrial application development.

Ratifications Include:

Lattice Automate (v 3.0):

  • Revised IP library with RISC-V freeRTOS (Real-Time Operating System), UPD hardware acceleration, and PCIe DMA support
  • Upgraded tools and reference designs with freeRTOS software stacks, Single Wire Aggregation, cloud communication, and freeRTOS OPC-UA

Lattice sensAI (v 6.0):

  • Faster performance on video stream analysis
  • Extended machine vision including barcode detection and reading
  • Improved accelerator engine supporting OpenCV and standard machine learning (ML) training platforms
  • Updated compiler tool and Lattice sensAI Studio to support new AI acceleration engines
  • Revised Glance by Mirametrix® computer vision software (v 10.0) including new user interface, camera features, external user interface (UI) mode, and lower power FPGA support

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