ioXt Alliance Closes Record Year of Membership Growth and Certifications

January 20, 2022

Press Release

ioXt Alliance Closes Record Year of Membership Growth and Certifications

Industry-leading tech companies and global manufacturers certified more than 195 IoT devices and mobile applications, advancing security and bringing transparency to consumers.

Demand for the ioXt Certification Program from the ioXt Alliance, the global standard for IoT security, propelled the organization into a record year of growth in product certifications from industry-leading tech companies and global manufacturers such as Google, Tuya, Midea, Motorola and Lenovo. Driven by the global need to advance security in the IoT industry as a whole, hundreds of organizations also joined the Alliance as members, with more than 580 active members. 

Consumers are looking for a deeper, more meaningful understanding about their connected products’ safety and security. As the threat landscape continues to grow exponentially with more IoT devices introduced to the marketplace, there’s an increased pressure to preserve the reputation of today’s leading manufacturers and tech companies by mitigating risks so users can enjoy greater trust, transparency, and security. 

Highlights from 2021 results for ioXt Alliance include: 

  • Growing the total number of new products certified by 275% 
  • Increasing the number of new ioXt Alliance members by 63%
  • Scaling the certification profiles to include mobile applications with added requirements for virtual private network (VPN) applications
  • Adding Bishop Fox as a member of the ioXt Authorized Labs  

“Global brands are turning to ioXt Alliance to help further their commitment to security by providing the means for testing and third-party validation of their connected devices and applications to ensure the safety of all end-users” said Grace Burkard, Director of Operations of ioXt Alliance. “Organizations know success begins and ends with top security for products. With fantastic momentum as we enter 2022, we’re thrilled to continue working with our members, partners and customers and charting new territory together.”

With a focus on eight core pledge principles that define product security, product upgradability and consumer transparency, the ioXt Alliance integates global security regulations to provide clear guidelines for quantifying the optimal level of security needed for a specific device within a certain location and product category. Products that are certified cover a breadth of the IoT industry: smart home, lighting controls, smart building, IoT Bluetooth, smart retail, portable medical, smart home, mobile apps, pet trackers, routers and automotive technology.

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