Eleos Technologies Announces New App Integration Standard

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 16, 2021


Eleos Technologies Announces New App Integration Standard
(Image courtesy of Eleos Technologies)

Eleos Technologies announced a new mobile app-to-app connectivity protocol designed to connect commercial trucking solutions like ELDs, workflow and bypass apps, sensors, and cameras

OpenCab is a new specification from Eleos, aimed at accelerating the development of in-cab technologies for the whole trucking industry. Accoridng to the company, it enables Android apps running on in-cab devices to securely share information, which in turn will let fleets combine the proprietary solutions they prefer—without enlisting each vendor for custom integration work.

Per the company, this also means suiatble user experiences, which doesn't require drivers to switch between apps and duplicate their data entry. Eleos initially created OpenCab so that ELD and telematics vendors could integrate with the Eleos workflow platform.

Although its direct consumers are trucking app developers, the OpenCab standard also benefits carriers. By offering a suitable way to integrate multiple proprietary systems, the spec makes it possible for any fleet to mix and match their preferred applications, while improving and simplifying the user experience for their drivers.

With a standardized way to connect Android mobile apps in the cab, solution providers and in-house developers can create integrations with other providers. According to the company, any solution that supports the OpenCab standard will work with any other, rather than requiring custom code or SDKs for every different solution integration.

For more information, visit: https://eleostech.com/

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