Mouser New Product of the Week: Analog Devices Inc. ADL5308 Evaluation Board & Kit

March 04, 2024

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Mouser New Product of the Week: Analog Devices Inc. ADL5308 Evaluation Board & Kit

There are a wide variety of sensing and conversion-based applications that can benefit from the use of a tool that’s designed to support engineers looking to process signals. Tools like this would allow them to make better-informed design decisions while also enabling the integration of these applications into larger systems.

The ADL5308 Evaluation Board and Kit from Analog Devices enables the evaluation of the ADL5308 logarithmic converter IC, a monolithic logarithmic transimpedance amplifier designed to measure the power of low-frequency signals and wide dynamic range signal power. The ADL5308 is most ideal for applications that monitor and control the power levels of optical signals in fiber optic communication systems.

The ADL5308 Evaluation Board & Kit in Action

The evaluation board is highlighted as a full-featured solution for the ADL5308, supporting external electrical input or onboard photodiode (PD) for optical input. The board also features on-chip or external PD bias (PDB), depending on the requirements of the system, and comparator reference and output connectors with adjustable hysteresis that allows users to customize the hysteresis based on the specific needs of their application.

The aforementioned low frequency measurements and wide dynamic range signal power can be further expanded on as the ADL5308-EVALZ solution can process an output voltage comparable to the logarithm of the ratio between the input current at pin INP, and an internal reference current. Additionally, the reference current can be supplied externally through the IREF interface.

Finally, to understand where the rate of change slows down or increases, and better understand the shape and characteristics of the logarithmic connections, the logarithmic slope and intercept are both factory-trimmed to a nominal value of 200mV/dec and 10pA to 25 mA, respectively, as well as a response within the 188 dB range. Both the logarithmic slope and intercept can also be adjusted through the I2C interface.

Getting Started with the ADL5308 Evaluation Board & Kit

Before getting started with the ADL5308-EVALZ solution, users should be aware of the required equipment list provided by Analog Devices:

  • 5VDC power supply (minimum 50mA output current)
  • Precision source measurement unit (for example, Keithley 236)
  • Triax cable
  • Triax-to-BNC adapter (Triax center to BNC center, Triax shield to BNC shield, Triax inner guard may be connected to BNC shield or left floating)
  • BNC-to-SMA adapter
  • 2x digital multimeters
  • Oscilloscope
  • DC2026C (Linduino One) board (Required only for adjusting the ADL5308's internal registers, not needed for the evaluation of ADL5308 in factory default settings)

Additionally, the data sheet provides further information to guide the user, including instructions for the evaluation board test setup.

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