observIQ Open Source Log Agent Included in OpenTelemetry Project

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 03, 2021


observIQ Open Source Log Agent Included in OpenTelemetry Project
(Image Courtesy of observIQ)

observIQ announced that its open source log agent, Stanza, has been included in the OpenTelemetry Project as the component for log collection.

The announcement follows the launch of the company’s observIQ Cloud, a log management platform designed to simplify log management for ITOps and DevOps teams.

observIQ, which began its operations in 2020, looks to deliver simple to use performant log management systems. The company launched Stanza last year, as well, with the focus on developing a high-performance, open source log agent.

Both companies agreed to include Stanza as the log agent component for OpenTelemety. observeIQ will have its team members join the project to maintain the log agent component.

To download the Stanza open source log agent, please visit GitHub at https://go.observiq.com/observIQ-OpenTelemetry-Github.

You may sign-up for a free trial of observIQ Cloud at https://go.observiq.com/observIQ-OpenTelemetry-FreeTrial.

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