Mipsology Delivers Deep Learning Inference at 20X Speedup versus Midrange Xeon CPU Leveraging Mellanox' SmartNIC Adapters

November 08, 2018

Press Release

Mipsology Delivers Deep Learning Inference at 20X Speedup versus Midrange Xeon CPU Leveraging Mellanox' SmartNIC Adapters

Mipsology's Zebra Accelerates Deep Learning Inference on Mellanox's Innova-2 Flex Network Adapters

Mipsology, an innovative neural network acceleration startup, today announced immediate availability of an integrated edge-of-the network solution combining Mellanox Technologies’ Innova-2 Flex SmartNIC with Mipsology’s Zebra neural network acceleration technology.

The combination offers a plug-and-play product to compute neural networks at the edge of the network with the best commercially available performance/price ratio. It includes best-in-class FPGA-based SmartNIC capabilities of the Innova-2 Flex Ethernet network adapter by Mellanox, a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems. Mipsology’s software stack sits on top of Xilinx FPGA within Innova-2 to accelerate the computation of neural network inference, concealing the FPGAs and removing the need to program them.

“We are pleased to partner with Mipsology and accelerate their solutions, delivering outstanding efficiency and ease of use to customers,” says Yael Shenhav, vice president of product marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “The Zebra neural network inference technology demonstrates superior performance and system utilization by leveraging Innova-2 Flex Ethernet SmartNIC’s flexible usage model and advanced offload capabilities. With Zebra running on this Mellanox SmartNIC, customers are getting the best of both worlds –– advanced networking capabilities combined with high-performance inference acceleration.”

“Mellanox’s Innova-2 Flex stands out for delivering 20X better performance/price ratio than CPU-based solutions,” asserts Ludovic Larzul, founder and chief executing officer of Mipsology. “By integrating Innova-2 Flex with Zebra’s high-throughput technology, we are efficiently satisfying the AI community’s two major concerns –– speed and cost.”

Mipsology will demonstrate Zebra at SC’18 Monday, November 12, through Thursday, November 15, in Booth #3871 as part of the Startup Pavilion.


About Mipsology

Mipsology is a startup developing state-of-the-art FPGA-based accelerators targeted for deep learning applications in neural networks. It was founded in 2015 by a team of engineers and scientists who created a family of world-class FPGA-based super-computers over the past 20 years. More information is available at: www.mipsology.com.