ETSI Distributes Quantum Keys

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 27, 2023


ETSI Distributes Quantum Keys

Sophia Antipolis. ETSI announced its Protection Profile (PP) for the security assessment of quantum key distribution (QKD) modules, ETSI GS QKD 016. It focuses on quantum safe cryptography and assists manufacturers in submitting pairs of QXD modules for the security certification process.

“In order to develop trustworthy QKD devices, appropriate security requirements and evaluation criteria are crucial in BSI's view. This Protection Profile for quantum key distribution modules is the first of its kind and an important first step in this direction,” said Dr. Günther Welsch, BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security), Head of Division "Information Assurance Technology and IT Management".

QKD is a quantum-safe security protocol sharing randomized secret keys utilizing the quantum properties of optical signals. The PP specification includes advanced requirements when physically implementing prepare and measure QKD protocols to the definitive secret keys.

“We are delighted to publish this initial Protection Profile as an important step to help certify QKD modules under the widely recognized security certification scheme of the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation,” says Martin Ward, Chair of the ETSI ISG QKD.

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