OP[4] Delivers Profound IoT Security

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 07, 2023


OP[4] AGGRESSOR Screenshot

Chantilly, Virginia. OP[4] launched with its innovative security environment developed to routinely discover and repair N-Day and 0-Day vulnerabilities. Utilizing the solutions will support users in evaluating its security to be in accordance with the White House's national cybersecurity IoT labeling initiative

"As IoT devices become increasingly prevalent, we aim to provide the commercial sector with the same level of protection and privacy as nation states,” said OP[4] co-founder and CEO, Irby Thompson. The platform simulates a functioning components enabling a differentiation between active and inactive code assessing risk down to the binary layer.

Leveraging the OP[4]'s fully automated system, developers can endlessly and correctly detect, isolate, validate, classify, prioritize, and remediate N-Day and 0-Day vulnerabilities. It streamlines access for teams to initially address mission-critical vulnerabilities throughout the software supply chain improving time allowance.

OP[4] co-founder and CTO Scott Lee stated, “OP[4] puts the developer experience first by continuously providing targeted, vulnerability insights and prioritization of risks throughout the product development cycle when they can be most efficiently addressed, while also offering unprecedented visibility into the software supply chain.”

For more information, visit op4.io.

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