Azul Releases SAAS for Java Applications

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 02, 2022


Image Provided by Azul

SUNNYVALE, Calif. Azul released its Azul Vulnerability Detection, a SaaS designed to endlessly detect security liabilities in Java utilizing cloud support to track known vulnerabilities in actual use cases, while providing end-to-end protection across a software stack. Azul Vulnerability Detection leverages its Azul JVMs to recognize common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) related to Java-specific databases.

Scott Sellers, Azul CEO and co-founder syas, “Our new product fills a critical gap in customers’ security strategies – detecting vulnerabilities at point of use in production, the endpoint of the software supply chain.” Using the products API or UI, accessibility of data compromising of which devices were/are present is available to users with no need for additional pieces of software, like agents. The Azul Vulnerability Detection cooperates with any Azul JVM and is suited for all Java applications, libraries and frameworks.

According to Azul, the benefits include:

  • Ongoing Detection at Point of Use in Production
  • Eliminate False Positives and Accelerate Remediation
  • NoOps with Transparent Performance
  • Detection for Every Java Application, Library, and Framework
  • Know When and Where Vulnerable Code is Used

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