Best in Show Nominee: Digi ConnectCore Security Services

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Digi ConnectCore Security Services

Taking device security to the next level, Digi ConnectCore® Security Services are a collection of advanced services and tools that ensure the security of products during their entire lifecycle — solving the challenge of keeping products secure after release. ConnectCore Security Services include the analysis and monitoring of a custom software bill of material (SBOM) and binary image running on Digi ConnectCore SOMs for security risks and vulnerabilities.

To help remediate identified issues, the services provide a curated vulnerability report highlighting critical concerns, a security software layer including patches for common vulnerabilities, and consulting services.

Managing cybersecurity threats is critical in the full lifecycle of connected products and requires both responsive and pro-active actions. An all-encompassing, advanced service solution, Digi ConnectCore® Security Services makes security easier and more accessible – driving cybersecurity at the product design level and throughout the lifetime of the product. This solution-based approach assesses emerging cybersecurity threats and provides patches if, and when vulnerabilities are exposed – delivering complete visibility, critical services with access to expert consultancy that helps customers effectively monitor and maintain their devices.

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