Three Layers of Advanced Security Features from Flexxon with Its X-Mask Technology

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 06, 2021


Flexxon introduces the new X-Mask SD and microSD cards.

Apply the Mask feature and keep your memory card invisible from random users. To ensure the protection with X-Mask memory card, you will need the security tool that will legalize your computer and let you inside with a valid password.

The specified security tool makes the X-Mask memory card concealed from unauthenticated access. Without installing the security tool and stated password, noone can access the memory card. By enabling a certain security tool and the correct password, the stored files are free to read, write, or modify.

As long as you keep the "Mask" on, your data will be hidden and password protected so that the information cannot be stolen, read, changed, or deleted by random people.

According to the company, the following three layers have been attributed to enhancing security strength:

  • Invisible Data.
  • Security Mechanism
  • Data Encryption

Flexxon developed a security tool for the X-Mask memory card to be used on Windows. For users with embedded applications, implementation of Flexxon’s SDK into their host tool chain, on the legal host, to hide the card with password authentication. The user can set a password and mask the memory card together with the data in it.

It is good for applications for:

  • Medical.
  • Business and Financial.
  • Legal.
  • Security Monitoring.
  • TPM Application.
  • Government and Military Entities.

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