CAST Releases 100 Gbps UDP/IP Core

May 19, 2020

Press Release

CAST Releases 100 Gbps UDP/IP Core

Hardware protocol stack uses 512-bit data path to increase communication speed, offload UDP/IP functions to improve system performance.

CAST  has released the UDPIP-100G silicon IP core, a full-featured hardware protocol stack that leverages a 512-bit data path to transmit and receive UDP/IP packets at speeds of up to 100 Gbps.  The UDPIP-100G core operates in standalone mode to offload UDP/IP encapsulation/decapsulation tasks from a host processor.

In addition, the Hardware Protocol Stack supports related networking functions such as ARP with cache, IGMP, and VLAN.

The UDPIP-100G IP core integrates with industry standard interfaces and popular Ethernet MAC cores to minimize design effort. It also offers a straightforward runtime configuration and multiple operating options.

 The CAST UDP/IP-100G Hardware Protocol Stack core is available now. For more information, visit