Crank Software Announces Their Latest Storyboard Release.

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 26, 2020


Crank Software Announces Their Latest Storyboard Release.

Crank adds new features to Storyboard that separates back-end logic from the UI to help embedded teams validate design ideas earlier to make performance adjustments.

Crank Software announced their latest Storyboard release. Built to help product development teams test their project at a much earlier stage in the development cycle and remotely using TCP/IP connections, user experience (UX) driven products are able to get to market faster with touchscreen experiences.

With this update, and through the updated Storyboard IO connector, development teams can now apply events to a target device through the back-end using TCP/IP connections to simulate and validate how UIs will perform, make design and performance adjustments, regardless of their location or stage of development.

Storyboard 6.2's new design performance insights tool helps further enhance the UX, with its new performance metrics feature. Developers can initiate and then pause design elements, and review metrics on performance and memory consumption.

Storyboard's latest release also introduces several internal improvements that help further reduce the total amount of memory consumed by UIs, making it easier to create and deploy rich user interfaces for memory-constrained MCU devices.

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