Embedded Toolbox: Fast Multi-Threaded App Debug on FreeRTOS

January 31, 2020


There's no denying it: Embedded and IoT systems are getting more complex.

Fixed-function devices that once ran only bare metal code have evolved into robust systems with wired/wireless networking capabilities, onboard security, slick user interfaces, and multiple modes of operation. That means that they run an RTOS or general-purpose OS, and likely execute multi-threaded applications.

How do software engineers go about debugging these systems? Given the increased complexity, reviewing and testing code line-by-line is out of the question, especially after multiple modules have been integrated into one complete system. Where do you even start?

On this episode of Embedded Toolbox, Johan Kraft, CEO of Percepio tackles the problem of debugging a multi-threaded embedded application running on FreeRTOS and an Atmel hardware target using the Tracealyzer visual trace diagnostic tool.

Tune in to learn how to identify and fix obscure bugs hidden in a complex, multi-threaded application software in under 10 minutes.