Luxoft's automotive technology practice boosted by ISG recognition

August 03, 2017


Luxoft's automotive technology practice boosted by ISG recognition

- Luxoft recognized as global leader in ADM services by ISG - The Company will host two webinars moderated by ISG along with offering a downloadable reprint of the ISG Provider Lens(tm) ADM...

Munich, Germany – August 3, 2017. Luxoft Holding, Inc (NYSE: LXFT), a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base, has announced it has been recognized by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, as a global leader in Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services. The recognition provides a significant boost to Luxoft’s fast-growing automotive technology practice that focuses on the provision of digital cockpit, navigation and ADAS, under the hood, diagnostics, and advanced software development and verification capabilities.

According to the ISG Provider Lens ADM Archetype Report, Luxoft was among the leading providers in the Glocal Talent Archetype (Global + Local) and Enabling Digital Archetype. The Company also scored 4 out of 5 in Transformation-Oriented Archetype.

“Luxoft has demonstrated experience in application development and maintenance services space. This experience, combined with its industry knowledge and expertise, has helped make Luxoft a leading choice as an ADM partner,” said Jan Erik Aase, Director and Principal Analyst with ISG Research. “Our research considers six buyer types when evaluating how each service provider meets their specialized needs. Luxoft scored highly in three of the six dimensions.”

“We are very excited to be positioned as leaders in two critical areas needed for driving business outcomes across all the industries we operate within,” said Luxoft’s Vice President for Marketing, Przemek Berendt. “As such, we will be hosting two webinars, moderated by ISG Partner, Prashant Kelker, to discuss our capabilities in line with ‘Glocal Talent’ and ‘Enabling Digital.’ This webinar will focus on two of our core verticals, financial services and automotive.”

To download a reprint of the ISG Provider Lens™ ADM Archetype Report with a preface on Luxoft, please click here.

The ISG Provider Lens report assessed the capabilities of 31 ADM service providers based on the needs of enterprise customers as defined by these six buyer archetypes:

1. Traditional Archetype – These clients are mostly focused on cost savings through an FTE-based/staff augmentation model. The majority of such clients are first time outsourcers.

2. Managed Services Archetype – The majority of these buyers are second- or third-generation outsourcers that have matured in terms of people, processes and practices. They are looking to engage with multiple service providers in a managed services mode.

3. Transformation-Oriented Archetype – The majority of these buyers are third-generation outsourcers looking to sunset their legacy systems and applications. Their goals are to have quicker, more closely integrated, and user-friendly applications, platforms, and systems in place.

4. Glocal (Global+Local) Talent Archetype – These clients are looking to balance the demographics of their current workforce by augmenting their staff with a core set of international talent. Rather than a labour arbitrage play, it is more of a talent refresh and localization play.

5. Leveraging Platforms/Accelerators Archetype – These companies are looking to either consolidate their landscapes on to external platforms or build their own intrinsic platforms. They are looking to achieve business process expertise by standardizing their processes on a common platform.

6. Enabling Digital Archetype – These buyers are very customer-centric companies that are trying to create a competitive advantage, enabled through emerging technologies. These buyers can either be mature outsourcers or digitally born companies with multi-channel customer touch points.

“Today’s ADM buyers, rather than being IT-centric, represent a more diverse set of functions within an organization,” said Aase. “Each of them has unique challenges and requirements that differ from the traditional ADM service requirements of the past.”

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