More Software Than We Know What to Do With... Literally

March 03, 2022

More Software Than We Know What to Do With... Literally

On this episode, Brandon and Rich review highlights from Smart Manufacturing Day, including a debate on what Industry 5.0 truly means, and discuss the potential peril of code-heavy software-defined factories and vehicles.

Next, Associate Editor Tiera Oliver is joined by BlackBerry Technology Solutions CTO Adam Boulton, who reveals all the different types of software automotive OEMs and suppliers believe are in modern vehicles and all the different types of software that actually are in their vehicles. Hint: The two lists are not the same. To reconcile this, BlackBerry is leading the emerging field of software composition analysis (SCA).

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Finally, Assistant Editor Taryn Engmark discusses the plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, and two companies’ efforts to combat it. Tune in to learn how a Microsoft initiative to become carbon neutral by 2030 became a project to develop component materials made of 10% recycled ocean plastic with chemical company SABIC, which turned into the outer shell of the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse that demonstrates it is possible to go green and stay profitable.

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