ECS Will Unveil the Latest Product Portfolios for Solutions at Embedded World 2020

February 24, 2020

Press Release

ECS at Embedded World 2020.

?Taiwan?Taipei?Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the global leading motherboard, Mini-PC, Notebooks, mobile device, IOT, IOV, and smart solutions provider,  is proud to announce the participation of the "2020 Embedded World" at Hall 3, booth number 3-774 , Exhibition Centre Nuremberg , Germany, from 25th to 27th February". ECS will be hosting a booth during the exhibition, showcasing the latest Motherboards, and smart solutions including successful applications for Public Information Display, IoV, Warehousing, and Enterprise Mobility Management.

Smart & Customizable Digital Signage Solutions
ECS is proud to announce its success in variety of multiple applications used in various scenarios like entertainment, offices, schools, banks, transportation, etc making our life more convenient. With ECS's aggressive endeavor on the product development, a series of successful applications springs up in the scenarios of information KIOSK, retail store, vending machine, hospitality, smart home, public security and children's safety system. Here comes all-new Premium LIVA series, LIVA Z3 Plus and Z3E Plus, equipped with the latest Intel® 10th Gen Core™ i processors and 802.11ax to support lightning-fast computing performance, and spectacular function delivering the easier way to tackle tasks through the voice commands - built-in Alexa. Moreover, a specifically-designed product line for pan digital signage from 0.6 L to 1.6 L in size - LIVA Q1L, Q1D, Q1A Plus (Arm-based system), and DH310 will be showcased as well. Apart from these successors - traditional Mini PCs, this time we emphasize more on the embedded systems including M500 and M1000, and the OPS-driven devices since they also occupy a very important proportion of PID market. ECS aims to work closely with our partners and continuously offers all-round solutions and technology introduced into consumer and commercial-oriented PCs, embedded systems for specific usages and even motherboards for professional customers.

Smart Transportation
The IoT solution is one of the vital business from ECS's perspective in the future. ECS uplifts the products into next level focusing on the categories covering smart automotive all-in-one management, logistics and intelligent EV charging system. Base on the previous experiences on Smart Cockpit, ADAS, Fleet Management System, they are now well integrated into a telematics box to execute the activities, and the information is immediately shown on the driver's console for caution and notice, which simplifies the sophisticated configuration among lots of different devices and also collect and analyze the data easily for the deployment of fleet management.

Smart EV Charger
When it comes to futuristic transportation, electric vehicle and energy balance play a significant role. ECS's smart EV charger conforms with international standard and is ISO 15118 certified to provide the intuitive way for plug-to-charge, and assists to prioritize and optimize the charging process by the examination of the electricity status of vehicles more efficiently. Users can grasp the information by smart handhelds when the vehicles are being charged and all the details and data will at the same time be uploaded and managed remotely through the cloud service without an effort. ECS's surpassing integration consolidates the cornerstone of IoT solutions and brings about the promising advancement in sight.

Smart Warehousing
On-line purchases are getting prevailing and popular so that it correspondingly affects the entire eco-system. To optimize the process from order to shipment, we improve the design by adding the sensor onto the shipping cart. The sorters can provide an easy and fast way to realize the priority of shipping items by indication with designated light colors to consume less time looking for them.  Besides, electricity of the cart is automatically generated by the person pushing the cart, and it also help to lower the maintenance costs. Among all, the conditions of the goods in transit and the status of the shipment are the main concerns of the vendors or the companies; therefore, smart tag of each package box will transmit the signal and information to the control center via the gateway at intervals.

Enterprise Mobility Management
EMM is used to be mainly about mobile device and application management, but now it's more about enabling mobility more broadly - extending to devices with different operating systems, identity and access management strategy, and how to design mobile engaging and productive mobile experiences for employees. ECS offers a set of services and technologies designed to secure corporate data on variety of mobile devices. While it can manifest itself in various ways, it generally consists of a suite of mobile management systems and services that protect intellectual property; specific processes that ensure the security of data; and systems that must integrate with a wide range of enterprise IT systems to meet a range of corporate concerns.

About ECS
Elitegroup Computer Systems as known as ECS, was established in 1987.  ECS has expanded our business model from motherboards and PC manufacturer to total solution provider. With over 30 years of experience, ECS not only produces high-quality products, but also provides customized computer programming and hardware / software design service for our customers. It has consistently directed this devotion to computer product design and manufacture as well as the enrichment of human life. Therefore, ECS is strongly committed to developing cutting-edge technology in order to create innovative products under environmentally friendly designs. ECS's comprehensive quality control system ensures all of ECS products can be counted on for stability and reliability.

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