Feel Buttons Again with Boréas Technologies' Solid-State Haptic Button Platform

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 29, 2023


Image Credit: Boréas Technologies

Bromont, Quebec. Boréas Technologies released its Boréas CapDrive BOS0614, the first Solid-State Haptic Button platform for smartphones with multichannel and ultra-low-power (under 10 μA in sleep mode) piezo haptic driver with integrated force-sensing. The solution is packed in a small WLCSP (2.1x2.5x0.5 mm) with support for up to four buttons. With an IP68 waterproof design, the Boréas CapDrive Haptic Buttons are rugged and do not succumb to dust or oils when utilized in the field.

According to Boréas Technologies, a dynamic “rocker” actualizes lengthwise sliders that detect swipes, clicks, and taps, all with localized haptic feedback. Boréas CapDrive Haptic Buttons are delivered as general-use buttons for an enhanced true button-click sensation including movement through swiping.

“The smartphone industry has been stuck with the mechanical button paradigm since the first smartphones revolutionized the cellphone industry,” said Simon Chaput, founder and CEO of Boréas Technologies, “Today Boréas is offering the first serious alternative to mechanical buttons. Our new CapDrive Haptic Buttons combine familiar experiences with completely new tactile capabilities.”

For more information, visit boreas.ca.

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