Wincomm Delivers 24/7 Medical Cart Display Reliance

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 18, 2023


Image Credit: Wincomm

Wincomm has released the WMP-22P/24P series to 12th generation updating its medical cart panel PC with an enhanced and integrated i-control design delivering thermal power, and CPU smart operations. The WMP-22P/24P series runs at all times with consistent execution.

The series offers 21.5-inch, WMP-22P, and 23.8-inch, WMP-24P, FHD touchscreen, for all kinds of mobile clinical workstation applications in the hospitals. Included are three instant swap batteries (3x Li-ion) carrying a current load up to 336Wh.

For more efficient needs, Wincomm offers an option of a 3-slot battery charging hub with a full charge within two hours. Utilizing a remote health monitoring system, battery lifecycle can be predicted to secure the medical cart PC.

Peripheral devices that include an RFID and barcode reader/smart card reader are enabled by PCIe card up to 30 watts. The cart has two storage upgrades at at M.2 PCIe Gen III SSD and SATA HDD, all housed in an anti-microbial (IP65- and IPx1) covering .

The HDMI input displays OSD for color/brightness adjustment, and with expansion options for two more displays. Integrated is an optional DICOM module for medical imaging.  At the bottom of the cart is a reading light for clear viewing and simplifying viewing. A light sensor manipulates the screen brightness,

Wincomm’s WMP-22P/24P Series is certified UL/EN 60601-1 and was developed for ward inspection, clinical, and point of care.

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