India’s Automation Expo Welcomes DFI

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 16, 2023


Image Credit: DFI

During India's Automation Expo 2023 DFI will be showcasing its factory automation solutions including SR-IOV virtualization technology and AGV/AMR robotics. At the expo, DFI will focus on the four areas - factory automation, rugged products, motherboards, and systems. Within DFI’s main themes will be embedded system modules and touchscreen tablets.

DFI’s SR-IOV virtualization technology was the outcome of a collaboration with Intel looking to create a more efficient factory. The technology can be integrated utilizing differentiated OS such as Windows, Ubuntu, and Android.

The QRB551, a 3.5-inch industrial-grade motherboard designed with Qualcomm, will also be on display as the first single-board computer (SBC) utilizing the QRB5165 processor. It works with Qualcomm's robotic development platform, RB5, to develop environments for 5G networking and Edge AI for robotics. Ideal applications are appearance identification, defect detection, and human body posture recognition.

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