Enterprise Mobility Solutions For Smart Manufacturing

By Sam Liao

Chief Technology Officer

Winmate Inc.

July 30, 2020


Enterprises are rapidly adopting mobility solutions to improve business operations. They are continually making their processes efficient and lean with enterprise mobility solutions.

Enterprises are rapidly adopting mobility solutions to improve business operations. They are continually making their processes efficient and lean with enterprise mobility solutions. According to PwC, mobility is the top technological priority for 73% of the interviewed CEOs in the manufacturing industry. Mobility in manufacturing is bringing intensification across all divisions, optimizing from the factory floor to logistics and inventory management. Even leaders in the manufacturing sector understand the hazards of production downtime and predict to increase the competitive benefits of improving productivity using mobile devices and solutions.

Distributed Manufacturing

Distributed manufacturing, also known as distributed production, is a very agile model that allows for quick and scalable movement in modern business. It makes use of a network of geographically spread production centers to collaborate utilizing information technology. The connected system allows enterprises to use centralized remote management of every stage of the production process that can be located in different regions and countries. This reduces emissions and logistics cost and also maintain the quality of the product for the end consumer. In this scenario, disruptive mobile technologies are the key to success.

Manufacturing Process Improvement

Mobile technology-driven digitization improves data transmission within the organization. Enterprises are looking forward to automating their business processes through mobile devices and networks. Compared to the old-fashioned, paper-based record system, the use of mobile devices equipped with built-in data collection tools, barcode scanner, and RFID/ NFC readers bring transparency to operations from the factory floor to procurement. This leading to better management decisions thanks to real-time information on the production status, material supply, and quality problems that can often occur throughout the manufacturing process.

Quality Management

Enterprise mobility solutions drive automation and help to reduce unnecessary and painstaking manual processes, minimize human errors, and increase the transparency of operations. Digitalization ensures improvement in process visualization while receiving real-time updates and status reports. Rugged tablet computers and handhelds provide technical managers and quality inspectors with all the requisite data for their day-to-day operations. Agility in constant updates during production offers the advantage of maintaining quality to deliver a better customer experience.

Efficient Tracking and Monitoring

Enterprise Mobility Solutions help in monitoring business processes such as production, supply chain, logistics with efficiency. GPS location helps to provide real-time information that allows manufacturing organizations to predict the delivery time and track the step-by-step status of the shipment as well as boost functional performance, helping to save costs as well as creating new business value. Automation can significantly reduce human errors, time, and efforts of the workforce.

(Diagram 1 – Rugged Tablet Computers at Every Stage of Production)

Each year more industrial manufacturing CEOs are looking to expand the use of mobile industrial solutions to increase operational efficiencies and drive future growth. Enterprise mobility solutions occupy a significant share in their investment plans for the next decade. Mobility in the manufacturing sector provides the paramount benefits in terms of the customized solution according to business needs, transparent processes, and greater Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Take Your Enterprise Mobility to the Next Level

Some of the benefits of the adoption of mobility solutions by manufacturing companies include improvement in enterprise processes and increased capacities. If you are interested in deploying the enterprise mobility solution for each manufacturing process, Winmate offers an extensive suite of innovative and fully-rugged mobile devices tailored for manufacturing automation that helps to transform the physical into real-time, digital intelligence seamlessly.