CES 2023: TDK Acquires Qeexo

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 06, 2023


CES 2023. While highlighting 30 technologies, solutions, and platforms at CES 2023 (Central Hall - #16181), TDK Corporation also released information regarding its agreement to obtain Qeexo, Co. Qeexo will bring its expertise of automated machine-learning (ML) platforms for tinyML models requiring low power, and continuous running intelligent platforms. Qeexo will be completely absorbed by TDK for the goal of being an Industry 4.0 leader in enhancing smart edge applications.  

“Qeexo brings together a unique combination of expertise in automating machine learning application development and deployment for those without ML expertise, high volume shipment of ML applications and understanding of sensors to accelerate the deployment of smart edge solutions,” stated Jim Tran, CEO, TDK USA Corporation. “Their expertise combined with TDK’s leadership positions in sensors, batteries and other critical components will enable the creation of system level solutions addressing a broad range of applications and industries."

The following is an outline of the company profile:

  1. Company name: Qeexo, Co.
  2. Location: Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, office in Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  3. Established: September 2012
  4. Management: CEO – Sang Won Lee; CTO – Chris Harrison
  5. Main business operations: Development of automated machine-learning (ML) platform that accelerates the development of tinyML models for the Edge.
  6. Learn more about fundamental machine learning concepts: ­Qeexo AutoML Best Practice Guide – Qeexo, Co.

“Our platform is an outgrowth of our own history of high-volume ML application development and deployment enabling those with domain expertise but not ML expertise to solve real world problems quickly and efficiently,” continued Sang Lee, CEO, Qeexo. “We see our AutoML tool as a natural partner to the smarter sensor systems that TDK is building.”

For further information on what Qeexo will bring to TDK, visit its booth #11222, North Hall. 


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