"Experience Connectivity" with Yaskawa at embedded world '24

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 22, 2024


"Experience Connectivity" with Yaskawa at embedded world '24
Image Credit: Yaskawa

Visit Hall 1, Stand 352 at embedded world 2024 where Yaskawa will be exhibiting its "Experience Connectivity" where its presenters will showcase the all-in-one chip TRITON, and its real-time Ethernet communication controller, the ANTAIOS, for automation and industry 4.0 applications.



  • Future ready with TSN support, DDR4, PCIexpress and Security Core
  • No heatsink needed thanks to low power consumption
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership due to integrated functionalities (Backplane Master, PHYs, etc.)
  • 3 cores with high single thread performance best suited for motion and PLC tasks

Processor System:

  • 3 x ARM Cortex A17 cores with up to 1.26 GHz
  • 64-bit floating point unit per core
  • 64/32 kB instruction/data cache
  • 2 Mb of L2 cache (with ECC) Memory Interfaces


Processor System:

  • ARM Cortex A5 processor
  • 32/32kB cache
  • 2-port real-time Ethernet switch with integrated PHYs

Ethernet Protocols:

  • PROFINET I/O Controller RT
  • EtherCAT (Master & Slave)
  • EtherNet/IP Adapter
  • ModbusTCP
  • Mechatrolink III (Master & Slave)
  • Mechatrolink IV (Master & Slave)
  • more on request

For more information, visit yaskawa.eu.com/.

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