The Road to embedded world '23: New Albany, Indiana, Samtec

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 23, 2023


The Road to embedded world '23: New Albany, Indiana, Samtec
Image Credit: Samtec

This next stop is in my home state and it is always great to be back, unless it is winter. We are visiting Samtec and getting some insider information on Samtec’s high-performance interconnects for embedded computing applications. It’s highlight at embedded world 2023 will be PICMG COM-HPC, other Standards-based interconnect solutions, and its latest RF solutions.

The development of COM-HPC exceeds the demand for high-speed performance in embedded computers. COM-HPC, expected to be ratified in early 2021, coexists with the COM Express specification, but provides the scalability and enhanced performance for next-gen embedded system design.

COM-HPC supports two different module types. COM-HPC server modules are targeted for edge server applications. COM-HPC client modules support robust embedded computing.

COM-HPC provides access to more system memory (up to 1 TB RAM) and system flexibility for various compute engines like GPGPUs, FPGAs and DSPs.


COM-HPC provides system and interface flexibility by adopting a pair of 400 pin connectors (800 pins total) based on Samtec's AcceleRate HP High-Performance Arrays. Samtec COM-HPC-aligned connectors support existing and future interfaces such as PCIe 5.0 (32 Gbps) and up to 100 Gb Ethernet.

The female Module Receptables are employed at a standard height. The male Carrier Plugs vary to allow for either a 5 mm or 10 mm stack height.

Depending on the application, the connector pinouts are optimized for Client or Server module as defined in the COM-HPC specification.

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