DFI Looks to Sustain the Future with ISO Certification for Sustainability

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 17, 2023


Image Credit: DFI

DFI has a mission, and its mission is to ensure the sustainable future. BenQ Qisda Group and DFI were exhibitors at Computex 2023 where they were the first, and only, to showcase an international ISO certification in sustainability. During the 2012 Olympic games in London, the “ISO20121 Sustainable Event Management” was adopted as a global management standard for event sustainability.

DFI meets standards and third-party certified in 15 sustainable goals in the areas of ESG environment, society, and governance. DFI President Alexander Su stated, “DFI will work with partners from all over the world to meet their goal of building a low-carbon, sustainable home. They will continue to carry out strategies such as implementing energy-saving equipment, increasing the use of renewable energy, planning low-carbon production, developing low-carbon products, and accelerating the introduction of green solutions into society.”

Alexander Su heads the Corporate Sustainable Development (CSD) Committee where the members are looking to help design the future of finance, manufacturing, intelligence, staffing, society, and nature. With these six directions, the group also created the five focus areas of “Green Products,” “Green Operations,” “Green Supply Chain,” “Social Responsibility,” and “Financial Performance.”

Su continued, “DFI is almost in its 5th decade of continuing the group’s long-term vision and spirit of achieving truth, goodness, and beauty in technology and life. From products and operations to financial performance and implementation of social responsibility, DFI works with global industry partners to make sustainable net zero their primary mission and hopes to internalize sustainability into the company's DNA.”

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