Semtech Announces LoRaWAN Integration for Arson Metering's Smart Gas Metering Solution

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 22, 2021


Semtech Announces LoRaWAN Integration for Arson Metering's Smart Gas Metering Solution

Semtech Corporation announced its collaboration with Spanish utility metering systems provider, Arson Metering. Arson Metering is utilizing Semtech's LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard for its new smart gas metering sensor solution.

Through implementing LoRaWAN connectivity, sensors can detect dangerous levels of methane in gas, wirelessly send a notification to a mobile device and then immediately shut off gas supply. The sensor solution is universal in which it can read all types of water and gas meters from all manufacturers. According to Arson Metering, the sensor can be integrated to work with all types of metering technologies including current and future.

"We have demonstrated that LoRaWAN is is the ideal Internet of Things (IoT) solution in Spain," said Amador Martínez, CEO of Arson Metering. "With LoRaWAN, our sensors can provide accurate and immediate gas usage information, keeping customers safe while also helping them reduce utility usage. Currently, Arson Metering has deployed enough LoRaWAN gateways, powered by solar panels and long-life batteries, to ensure network availability full time. In addition, the flexibility of the LoRaWAN network is allowing for secure transport of all the different protocols required by a variety of gas meters."

In conjunction with Arson Metering's knowledge, Spanish gas provider Nortegas has validated the use of LoRaWAN to provide reliable connectivity to end customers. Through the integration of LoRaWAN, customers are able to be notified via a mobile app provided by Nortegas in case of a situation involving excessive methane concentration. As a result of the collaboration, Nortegas is now able to deploy sensors in homes and businesses to automate the gas meter readings on a daily basis as well as offer secure gas installation with methane and carbon monoxide (CO) gas sensors.

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