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Analog & Power

TI Introduces New Power Conversion Portfolios to Support Low-Cost Power Density - News

February 26, 2024

DALLAS -- Texas Instruments (TI) introduced two new power conversion device portfolios to help engineers achieve more power in smaller spaces, and provide high power density at a low cost.

Analog & Power

Embedded Executive: We’ve Moved Past the GaN Starting Gate, TI - Podcast

January 24, 2024

We appear to be over the hump between hype and reality when it comes to GaN technology. Components and end products are readily available. But according to David Snook, the product line manager for  GaN products at Texas Instruments (TI), we are just scratching the surface of where GaN’s potential lies. Hear more in this week’s Embedded Executives podcast.

AI & Machine Learning

Defining & Democratizing Edge AI - Podcast

January 04, 2024

On this episode of Embedded Insiders, Artem Aginisky, product line manager of arm-based processors at Texas Instruments, dives into the topic of edge AI, specifically, how he defines edge AI and how TI is working on democratizing edge AI through innovations in microprocessors and software.


Redefining RISC-V & Robotics - Podcast

November 15, 2023

On this episode of Embedded Insiders, Matthias Thoma, Robotics System Manager at Texas Instruments, discusses the current and future impact of robotics in factory and industrial settings, and in the real world. He also highlights the technologies from TI that can help.

AI & Machine Learning

Computer Vision at the Edge Can Enable AI Apps - Blog

October 11, 2023

Computer vision refers to the technological goal to bring human vision – an information-rich and intuitive sensor – to computers, enabling applications such as assembly line inspection, security systems, driver assistance and robotics.

Analog & Power

TI Simplifies Current Sensing with New Hall-Effect Sensors and Integrated Shunt Solutions - News

August 23, 2023

DALLAS – Texas Instruments’ (TI) new current sensor, the TMCS1123 low-drift isolated Hall-effect current sensor, is designed for common-mode high-voltage systems and temperatures, and current shunt monitors, eliminating the need for an external shunt resistor for non-isolated voltage rails.


D3's mmWave Radar Sensor Leverages TI's AWRL1432 - News

August 15, 2023

Rochester, New York. D3 is now offering its DesignCore RS-L1432U mmWave Radar Sensor leveraging the AWRL1432 from Texas Instruments (TI). The solution utilizes various mmWave radar algorithms to measure, detect, and track in a 1-inch cube form factor, while also using lower power with a decrease in volume costs for automotive applications such as park assist, kick-to-open, and collision avoidance.