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Articles related to Infineon

Product of the Week: Infineon Technologies OPTIGA Trust M Express - Story

July 11, 2022

Networked devices that connect to the cloud and each other are inherently susceptible to cyberattack. To ensure built-in defenses are robust as possible, these systems must be protected from the time of manufacture until their decommissioning. This includes the unique identities that allow IoT devices to authenticate over PKI infrastructure.


Avoid Getting Your Crypto Broken, Now, Next Year, and In Ten Years - Story

June 22, 2022

Attackers are gearing up and quantum computers are coming; we just don’t know when. Hence, it’s time to up your game in securing your systems.


Embedded World Product Showcase: Infineon AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager Module - Product

June 20, 2022

IoT devices are becoming part of our daily lives, which, if you think about it, makes their ability to easily and securely connect to the cloud critical future economies. We’d better put something in place to manage those cloud connections then, shouldn’t we?


Embedded World 2022 Best in Show Winners: Security - Story

June 17, 2022

Winners have been chosen based on a 15-point rubric that considers solutions’ Design Excellence (5 points), Relative Performance (5 points), and Market Impact/Disruption (5 points).


Quantum Computers Are Coming. Beware - Story

June 17, 2022

We’ve known for a long time that quantum computers are under development. Such computers may solve fundamental problems in the simulation of chemical reactions at the atomic and molecular levels, targeted design of medications, or innovative materials. But we’ve also known for a long time that such computers have the potential to crack many of the security techniques, especially of conventional cryptography, that are in use today.


Infineon OPTIGA TPM SLB 9672 - Product

June 16, 2022

OPTIGA™ TPM SLB 9672 is a standardized, out-of-the-box TPM that provides a solid foundation for securely establishing the identity and software status of PCs, servers, and connected devices, and for protecting the integrity and confidentiality of data at rest and in transit.