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Articles related to Infineon

Infineon and Delta Enable Bidirectional Charging at Home: Electric Cars as Buffer Storage for Solar Power - News

August 15, 2022

Infineon Technologies AG and Delta Electronics, a Taiwan-based global provider of power and energy management solutions, have developed a three-in-one-system that integrates solar, energy storage, and charging of electric vehicles.


Infineon’s HYPERRAM Memory Chip Doubles Bandwidth for Low Pin-Count, High-Performance Solutions - News

August 03, 2022

Infineon Technologies AG added HYPERRAM 3.0 to its portfolio of high-bandwidth, low-pin count memory solutions. The device features a new,16-bit extended version of the HyperBus interface that doubles throughput to 800 MBps.


Infineon’s AIROC Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Solutions Populate NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Platform - Blog

August 02, 2022

When you look at the topics that garner the biggest spotlight these days, AI at the Edge is either at the top of the list or very close. As more processing power becomes available, the applications that can take advantage of this technology grow in leaps and bounds.


Infineon’s CoolSiC Devices Support Bi-Directional Inverter from Delta for Electric Vehicle Emergency Backup Power - News

August 01, 2022

CoolSiC products from Infineon Technologies AG have been adopted by Delta Electronics, a Taiwan-based global provider of power and energy management solutions, to enable a step towards energy transition and carbon neutrality with green power.


EV Battery Cells Get More Complex, Taking the BMS Along for the Ride - Story

July 19, 2022

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not new. They actually pre-dated the gasoline-powered cars that Henry Ford made famous 100 years ago. However, their deficiencies were glaring, and they were doomed to (near) obsolescence until fairly recently, maybe 15 years ago, when they took on a resurgence. From a PR perspective at least, Tesla has done more for the electric vehicle than all of its predecessors combined.


Product of the Week: Infineon AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager Module - Story

July 13, 2022

IoT devices are becoming part of our daily lives, which, if you think about it, makes their ability to easily and securely connect to the cloud critical future economies. We’d better put something in place to manage those cloud connections then, shouldn’t we?


Infineon and Oxford Ionics Collaborate on the Development of Trapped Ion Quantum Processors - News

July 12, 2022

Oxford Ionics and Infineon Technologies AG have announced a collaboration to develop high-performance, fully integrated quantum processing units (QPUs). Oxford Ionics' unique electronic qubit control (EQC) technology, combined with Infineon's world-leading engineering and manufacturing capabilities, as well as quantum technology expertise, will lay the groundwork for the industrial production of QPUs with hundreds of qubits within the next five years. The goal is to transition quantum computing technology from the research lab to real-world applications.