Best in Show Nominee: Infineon OPTIGA TPM SLB 9673

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Infineon OPTIGA TPM SLB 9673

OPTIGA™ TPM SLB 9673 is a ready-to-use TPM optimized for embedded systems featuring I2C interface and a PQC-protected firmware update mechanism. It is the latest addition to Infineon´s OPTIGA™ TPM family targeted at connected devices that require enhanced security features.

This standardized security solution serves as a robust foundation to identify and authenticate network infrastructure devices and equipment as well as industrial machines such as factory robots and programmable logic controllers (PLC). In addition, it protects data integrity and confidentiality. OPTIGA™ TPM SLB 9673 is future-proof thanks to a PQC-protected firmware update mechanism, extended memory, and strong algorithms.

TPMs provide essential hardware support and Infineon’s OPTIGAä TPMs are well known and respected, being incorporated in half of the world’s business PCs. Infineon began work on PQC solutions in 2017 and the OPTIGAä TPM SLB 9673 is one of the first results of those endeavours. It is the latest edition of the world’s first TPMs with PQC-protected firmware update mechanism and, as such, goes a long way towards enabling data security in the PQC age.

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