AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager Module

March 08, 2023

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AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager Module
Image Credit: Infineon

Turnkey module for IoT applications needing secure, reliable, cloud connectivity and faster time to market

The AIROC™ IFW56810 Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) module provides a simple, secure Wi-Fi networking subsystem that easily and quickly connects IoT products to the cloud without extensive firmware development, testing, or maintenance. No customer programming or development with an SDK is required.

The module arrives pre-programmed with tested and signed, secure Infineon firmware. With quick and secure over-the-air firmware updates, Infineon ensures your future connectivity and application is protected, so you can focus on getting your products to market faster.  

Key Features:

  • Essential wireless, networking, cloud, and security features in a turnkey certified solution.
  • Runs on Infineon signed software that we write and update--eliminating learning curve and development costs.
  • Simple command set for easy product integration.
  • Robust lifecycle security with a PSA level 2 certified secure MCU.
  • CIRRENT™ Cloud ID, a secured, cryptographic device identity, that simplifies cloud provisioning of products.

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