Linaro to present on Embedded AI and Virtualization At Embedded World 2022

May 11, 2022

Press Release

Linaro to present on Embedded AI and Virtualization At Embedded World 2022

Linaro will be presenting two important aspects of its ongoing engineering work at the Embedded World Conference at the end of June. Keep reading to find out more about each individual session.

Embedded Hypervisor: Ready for Prime Time?

Wednesday 22 June, 16.00 GMT +2

Francois Ozog from Linaro’s Edge Computing Group will be speaking about virtualization in embedded markets and in particular for automotive (you can find the session here under “Automotive OS 2”). Making sure that deterministic workloads can be operating as designed and migrating them to a backup zone in the context of a Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) can be quite a challenge for embedded product designers. This session will cover four themes to help architects get clarity on virtualization in their field: realtime, functional safety, new recipes, and confidential computing. Read more about Software Defined Vehicles and the need for standardization in our white paper.

Securing Embedded AI with Open Source Firmware

Thursday 23 June, 13.45 GMT +2

Bill Fletcher and Kevin Townsend from Linaro’s IoT Group will be speaking about Linaro’s Confidential AI Project in the conference session “Securing Embedded AI with Open Source Firmware (Session 4.9)." Linaro’s IoT group primarily works on microcontrollers both on latest member company hardware and in advance of hardware on virtual platforms. The scope of the talk covers all aspects which can be protected by firmware mechanisms; the specifics of secure enclave execution of ML inference to protect both models and data; secure model storage, and configuration and update mechanisms. To find out more about the work we do in this space, check out our white paper on Confidential AI for MCUs.

Linaro works with businesses and open source communities to develop software on Arm-based technology. We create solutions that drive forward the Arm software ecosystem, enhance standardisation, promote collaboration across industries and contribute to real-world applications. Linaro provides:

A unique safe haven for inter-company engineering collaboration with IPR policies, antitrust provisions, business neutrality and public articles of association Upstream open source focus - building the ecosystem with friction-free distribution, maximised ecosystem participation, established non-proprietary industry standards, cross-platform inclusivity, long-term support capability Collaboration processes and infrastructure for outreach, hosting, project lifecycle, operations, distributed multi-party multi-codebase project management

If you’d like to schedule a meeting with the Linaro team face-to-face at Embedded World, please contact us at [email protected]. We hope to see you there

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