RTI Expands Your Intelligent System

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 20, 2023


Sunnyvale, California. Real-Time Innovations (RTI), announced the latest addition to its Connext Product Suite featuring the Connext Observability Framework. The framework is ideal for environments centered on the DDS standard enabling designers of mission-critical applications.

The Connext Observability Framework delivers enhanced visibility within an architecture’s run time behavior, mitigating problems by identifying them before they can impact a situation. The time for diagnosis is lessened and the issues are remediated while occurring. The shortened time is critical for networks that are unreliable, like public networks. “We created the Connext Observability Framework so developers can have full confidence that their systems are working properly and that they can quickly diagnose and resolve issues when they are not,” said David Barnett, Vice President of Product and Markets at RTI.

The Connext Observability Framework allows engineers to:

  • Observe Connext and non-Connext technologies with the same Observability tools (including Prometheus for metrics storage, Grafana Loki for logs aggregation, and Grafana dashboards for visualization)
  • View the performance and health of the distributed system from a holistic, centralized view
  • Reduce system downtime by identifying and localizing problems
  • Expand the value and speed of design, development, testing, and deployment through enhanced system verification and validation (V&V)
  • Scale the observability telemetry pipeline as systems get more intricate

Barnett ends, “The new framework delivers the reliability, security, and performance that RTI Connext users know and trust. From medical devices to autonomous vehicles, mobile defense systems and beyond, this is another example of RTI leading the charge to the software-defined future.”

Download a free 30-day trial of the fully-functional Connext software at, www.rti.com/downloads.

For more information, visit RTI

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