Flexxon INKS Partnership With Lenovo For First-ever Line Of Laptops With AI-Embedded Cybersecurity Hardware Defenses

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 25, 2021


Flexxon INKS Partnership With Lenovo For First-ever Line Of Laptops With AI-Embedded Cybersecurity Hardware Defenses

Singapore-based Flexxon announced its partnership with Lenovo Group to produce the world’s first line of artificial intelligence (AI) embedded cybersecurity laptops.

According to the company, incorporating Flexxon’s X-PHY Cyber Secure Solid-State Drive (SSD) into Lenovo’s laptop solutions, the partnership’s product ranges will deliver an integrated, standalone, and holistic cybersecurity system that defends against present-day and future threats in the cyber landscape.

Three series of laptops launched in September cater to differing user preferences, namely the X-PHY Ace, X-PHY CyberPad, and X-PHY Zepto. These series of laptops are designed to bring a combination of Lenovo’s high-quality, time-tested hardware and interface, and Flexxon’s real-time AI cybersecurity defence technology, extinguishing the limitations of traditional silo architecture of software protection by enhancing security at the SSD’s firmware level. 

Flexxon launched the world’s first AI-embedded data security solution, the X-PHY Cyber Secure SSD, in April 2021. The X-PHY Cyber Secure SSD acts as the last line of defence, delivering an all-in-one solution, that features real-time protection against known and unknown cyber threats around the clock.

The X-PHY AI Cybersecurity laptops exemplify the “Zero Trust” security framework. Based on the principle of “Never Trust, Always Verify”, this framework moves beyond traditional perimeter security to one where access requests to one’s critical data are constantly monitored and verification is sought.

The laptops adopt this framework by monitoring for threats around the clock and in real-time, triggering an immediate lockdown upon the detection of any foul play. This thwart any attempts of phishing, ransomware, data theft, and other forms of cyber-attacks. Once activated, only authenticated users can unlock their computers with dynamic authentication security via the user-friendly X-PHY Bluetooth mobile application. 

In addition, security bypasses in existing models of SSDs, such as physical removal, side-channel attacks using power surges, or sudden temperature fluctuations, will trigger the X-PHY Cyber Secure SSD to lock down the system immediately to safeguard the user’s data.

For more information, visit https://xphy.com/laptop

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