Aetina Leverages NVIDIA at Computex '23

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 02, 2023


Aetina Leverages NVIDIA at Computex '23
Image Credit: Aetina

New Taipei City, Taiwan. Aetina, and parent company Innodisk, are joining forces with NVIDIA, leveraging the NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories and integrating it into Aetina's SuperEdge AI platforms. The collaboration’s goal is to deploy the solution in Innodisk’s factory to further enhance manufacturing. Aetina’s solution was developed particularly to boost production in currently utilized automated optical inspection (AOI) systems. The platform mitigates challenges when reinspecting items incorrectly identified.

Software integration includes, NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, Siamese network-based AI models, and Aetina's SuperEdge AI platforms utilizing NVIDIA GPUs. Factory workers are reprieved of much wasted time when false rejects are identified. AOI environment data revealed a 20% instance of products being wrongly classified.

Embedding Aetina’s solution will identify misclassified products from the initial AOI inspection reducing incorrect classification to 5%. 

During Computex 2023, Aetina will Highlight its AI solution at booth I0810.

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