Edge Intelligence Solutions Power AIoT Industrial Application Development

May 13, 2021


Information and communications technology has changed several times over the last few decades—from client-server, web based, to cloud computing, and recently the trend has shifted towards edge computing. Edge computing allows industrial customers to use virtualization technologies that makes it easier to deploy and run a wider range of applications at the edge. Edge computing brings computation and data storage closer to where it is needed, to improve response times and save bandwidth.

Edge Intelligence Solutions Power AIoT Industrial Application DevelopmentAdvantech believes in the potential of edge computing and is committed to promoting edge intelligence (Ei) solutions. Years of development has yielded solutions which include an integrated hardware and software architecture designed especially for the edge, server, and the cloud, and which also incorporates a containerized/microservice development environment. Wei-Chieh Chen, Senior Manager of Advantech stated, "Advantech's Ei solutions reshape the AIoT world. Ei solutions include niche hardware and software integration and more edge computing industrial apps (I.App) through WISE-Marketplace, which provides many additional software application services within a complete ecosystem. These edge intelligence enabled solutions allow customers to develop, deploy, and manage vertical applications in various fields to quickly achieve innovative breakthrough applications.”

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