Powercast Releases a Cellular-Based RF Wireless Charging Platform

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 29, 2022


Powercast Releases a Cellular-Based RF Wireless Charging Platform
Image Provided by Powercast

The OTA RF charging platform allows the monetization of underused low-frequency bands with “Power as a Service” to alleviate the need for disposable batteries.

Las Vegas. Powercast Corporation designed a cellular-based RF Power-Over-Distance Wireless Charging Platform functioning between 600 – 900 MHz frequency bands. The solution leverages Sequans’ Monarch 2 GM02S module and a Powercast RF transmitting antenna that transfers RF over-the-air to a Powercast PCC110 Powerharvester receiver chip integrated at the edge.

The Powerharvester gathers RF and transforms it to DC for battery-free devices and the ability to recharge batteries. “Because many RF transmitting devices operate in unlicensed bands such as the 915MHz band, there are limits on transmit power, antenna gain, and other parameters so many devices can coexist and be interoperable,” said Charles Greene, PhD, COO and CTO of Powercast.

The platform is ideal for consumer devices including but not limited to smart home tech, TV remotes, smart watches, earbuds, and hearing aids.

According to the company, Powercast will demonstrate the solution at Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, September 28 – 30, booth w2.1226.

For more information, visit powercastco.com.

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