Silanna Semiconductor to Introduce Power Sharing IC Tech

By Ken Briodagh

Senior Technology Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 01, 2024


Silanna Semiconductor to Introduce Power Sharing IC Tech

Silanna Semiconductor, a company specialized to improve power management, power density, and efficiency performance, is poised to announce its full portfolio of AC/DC and DC/DC products at the upcoming Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC).

Silanna’s AC/DC and DC/DC power converter ICs are included in travel power adapters, laptop power blocks, appliance power, smart meters, lighting, and industrial power management. The company offers an online design tool called ‘Power Density Hero’ is an online design tool that allows users to input power needs, specifications or use case, and receive a complete design, schematic, and ‘Bill of Materials’ (BOM).

"We are excited to be attending and presenting at APEC 2024," says Ahsan Zaman, Silanna Semiconductor’s Director of Product Marketing. "We hope to meet as many of our existing customers as possible as well as potential future customers."

In addition to demonstrating the technological advances in power supply solutions that are coming to market, the company will present a technical session on "Adaptive Intelligent Power Sharing Multiport Power Supplies." This presentation reportedly will provide an insight into the future of power sharing and its implications across diverse applications.

A power converter IC  (IC) is a semiconductor wafer that contains resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors. An IC power supply can have the specifications to change input voltage ranges, output voltage, and output current ranges. DC-DC converter ICs ensure that each circuit receives the required voltage. They can increase or decrease the voltage within the system by temporarily storing the input energy and then releasing it to the output at a different level.

Silanna Semiconductor, with its family of CO2 Smart Power ICs, offers technologies that are designed to address energy sustainability and, as the company says, “benefit the planet and the people on it by delivering best-in-class power density and efficiency.”


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