Circuit Check and ASSET InterTech collaborate on boundary-scan test solutions

January 18, 2017

Circuit Check and ASSET InterTech collaborate on boundary-scan test solutions

Circuit Check (CCI) will collaborate with ASSET InterTech to more closely integrate ScanWorks boundary-scan test tools with CCI's 1000 Series Configurable ATE and CCI 6000 Series Rotary Handler.


Companies combine the power of ASSET’s boundary-scan test tools with Circuit Check’s (CCI) flexible, configurable Functional Test Stations for best-in-class test coverage at lowest cost.

News Highlights


• Combined products allow the capability to support printed circuit board assembly or product-level test and programming.

• CCI’s unique quick-change fixture drop-in technologies allow for station modularity and scalability.

• Joint tool flow simplifies all aspects of test from design verification to production thru repair, delivering more detailed diagnostics during a high-level test.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 18, 2017 – Circuit Check Inc., a global leader in test, automation and interfacing solutions for electronics and electro-mechanical device manufacturers, announced a collaboration with ASSET InterTech to more closely integrate ASSET’s ScanWorks boundary-scan test tools with CCI’s flexible, configurable functional test systems, the CCI 1000 Series Configurable ATE and CCI 6000 Series Rotary Handler.

“Greater circuit board densities, finer pitches, and higher I/O and memory speeds are driving the importance of functionally exercising products at functional level PCBA test and end-product subassembly. Combining net and pin-level diagnostics along with boundary-scan test is an ideal solution to the complexities of today’s designs”, says Greg Michalko, CEO of Circuit Check.

A key to achieving the maximum value from automated test equipment is using the same test equipment and fixture mechanics to test multiple products. Circuit Check’s 1000 Series ATE achieves this by using interchangeable fixturing, as well as interchangeable fixture drop-in’s. These components enable the same test system to be quickly reconfigured with new tooling for different products, maximizing equipment re-use while minimizing the cost for each new test. The CCI 1000 supports probes on the topside, bottom-side, bi-level or dual stage, as well as through-connector test and line-automation.

“CCI’s functional test solutions lead its industry and are broadly adopted within numerous market segments, particularly medical, military and aerospace applications”, said Alan Sguigna, vice president of sales for ASSET. “As the need to thoroughly and confidently test and diagnose mission-critical systems continues to grow, boundary-scan capability integrated within functional test ensures test completeness”.

The CCI 6000 Rotary Handler can perform a variety of functions, such as functional test, flash programming, vision inspection, through-connector test and/or marking. “A drop-in fixture option allows for quick change from one product to the next, usually within minutes”, says Greg. “Today’s complex mission-critical products often require probe access and though-connector test methods. Adding a seamlessly integrated end-user experience with boundary scan into our test solutions, helps our customers ensure quality in production for their technologies.”

About Circuit Check

Established in 1979, Circuit Check Inc. (CCI) professional services include best-in-class ATE fixturing and interfacing technologies, line-automation systems, and complete test system integration. Circuit Check’s electrical/software/mechanical/project-management teams and manufacturing facilities are fully integrated, and strategically located in North America. Our global support and services footprint enable our customers to take advantage of international production efficiencies. Circuit Check is the partner to innovative test solutions for leaders in automotive, medical, industrial, telecommunications, consumer and aerospace market segments, delivering 1000’s of solutions and more than 100,000 test fixtures worldwide.

About ASSET InterTech

ASSET InterTech is a leading supplier to the electronics industry of tools based on embedded instrumentation. Its SourcePoint™ debug and trace platform and the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments overcome the limitations of external test and measurement equipment. SourcePoint applies trace instrumentation embedded in code to debug software while ScanWorks applies instruments embedded in chips to test and validate chips and circuit boards during design and manufacturing. With ASSET’s software/hardware tools, engineers can quickly debug firmware and then diagnose how it interacts with hardware. ASSET InterTech is located at 2201 North Central Expressway, Suite 105, Richardson, TX 75080.

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