AdaCore Launches GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 23, 2022


AdaCore Launches GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite

AdaCore announced the availability of its new GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite - a bundle of analysis, testing, verification, and code coverage technologies to help Ada developers build safe, secure software as well as meet internal security and quality procedures. 

Features and Benefits of the GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite:

  • The GNATtest automated test-harness generator for Ada; 
  • The GNATcoverage tool that analyzes and reports Ada and C program coverage; 
  • Sound analysis, test, and verification evidence that satisfies certification requirements for a variety of industry software safety standards (available as an option for GNAT Pro Assurance customers);
  • Early access to emerging cybersecurity technologies, such as fuzzing.

The GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite is available as an add-on to GNAT Pro Enterprise and GNAT Pro Assurance subscriptions and can be used with all versions of the Ada language standard, as well as the formally analyzable SPARK Ada subset. Some of its capabilities, such as structural code coverage, also support C.  

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