Percepio Releases Tracealyzer Visual Trace Diagnostics Solution Version 4.4 with Support for Embedded Linux

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 26, 2020


Percepio launched Tracealyzer 4.4 with support for embedded Linux, enabling developers to speed debugging with improved visual trace diagnostics.

Percepio announced the availability of Tracealyzer version 4.4 with support for embedded Linux. Tracealyzer gives developers insight during software debugging and verification at the system level by enabling visual exploratory analysis from the top down. This makes the software suitable for spotting issues during full system testing and drill down into the details to find the cause.

Version 4.4 adds several views optimized for Linux tracing, in addition to a set of visualizations already in Tracealyzer, and leverages Common Trace Format (CTF) and the widely supported LTTng, an open source tracing framework.

New features for Linux include:

  • Signals and Syscalls Explorer, an index over the trace that shows how each thread, process, and process tree interacts with the Linux kernel through syscalls and shows how signals are generated and delivered.
  • Communication Flow view, optimized for Linux, which shows a visual graph over the process interactions of file descriptors, signals, and pipes.
  • Actor Tree field in the main trace view, which lets the developer see how processes and threads are spawned over time, including parent-child relations.

More improvements for Linux developers in Tracealyzer 4.4 include:

  • Quick Zoom, a feature that allows users to zoom in while dragging the mouse pointer over an interval.
  • A set of high-level overviews for top-down exploratory analysis, including process interactions, process forking, CPU usage, RAM usage, I/O usage, file usage, state machines, and user-defined metrics.
  • A trace view that reveals details and is scalable with responsiveness and clarity for large Linux traces.
  • A modern, flexible user interface that enables customized window layouts and presents the right information on screen to facilitate analysis. Users can save and load multiple layouts as needed.
  • User-defined advanced analysis to adapt Tracealyzer to specific use cases through customizable event interpretation, user-defined data sets such as intervals and state machines, and displays with configurable views.

Tracealyzer 4.4 for Linux is available now through Percepio's worldwide distributor network. Visit the Percepio website to find a local distributor.

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