UDE 2023 Offers True Multi-Screen Multi-Core Debugging

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 19, 2023


Image Credit: PLS

The latest version of Universal Debug Engine (UDE) 2023 from Programmierbare Logik & Systeme (PLS) offers debugging and testing of designs developed for Infineon's TRAVEO CYT4DN MCU to aid in innovating dash instruments as wells as more effective head-up displays in vehicles. Included are two Arm Cortex M7 cores reaching 320 MHz with designated subsystems for graphics and sound. The singular chip supports 6 Mbytes Flash, 640 Kbytes SRAM, and 4 Mbytes embedded video RAM (VRAM).

Cores are discoverable and manageable in the developer’s interface removing the need for an open debugger to manage another core. The multi -functioning Cortex M7s can be stopped and restarted concurrently with synchronous single-step operation. At any time, developers can modify the debug actions to execute on a singular core instead of the two.

Enabling always effective multi-core breakpoints facilitates seamless debugging of shared code and is embedded into the flash of a controller utilizing the UDE MemTool. The user interface is customizable with multi-screen support, multiple view expressions, and the ability to move from screen to screen helping monitor running debugging tasks.

Permissions to the TRAVEO T2G MCUs is provided by the UAD2pro, UAD2next and UAD3+ and can be configured with an optional galvanic isolation for challenging conditions.  

For more information, visit pls-mc.com

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