Element and HighByte Partner for AWS Solutions

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 04, 2023


Element and HighByte Partner for AWS Solutions
Image Credit: element and HighByte

Oakland, California, and Portland Maine. Deloitte released a collective assessment showing 86% of enterprises are looking toward smart factories as the dominate driver of competition by 2025. However, 65% reported they have not made much, if any, progress. Element and HighByte  are delivering an integrated solution based on AWS's Industrial Data Fabric. "Together, HighByte and Element leverage the power of AWS to provide industrial organizations a solution to free their trapped plant data and turn it into business value," said Andy Bane, CEO of Element.

Industrial data streams continue to grow daily, this platform was developed to be operated and scaled across industry for reliable, sufficient, and secured transmissions. Included is the flexibility to modify or increase machinery, assets, and processing time.

The integration of both Element Unify and HighByte Intelligence Hub, oversees operational models in the cloud, to then transfer the data to deployed federated hubs. The hubs link to OT and IT source systems to transform and contextualize this data to stream the contents directly to AWS.

"Open access to data that allows innovation at scale is foundational to our mission to transform manufacturing and accelerate our industrial customers' transformation journeys," said Wendy Bauer, General Manager, Automotive & Manufacturing at AWS.

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