Road to embedded world: Eurotech / InoNet "Get the Edge on AI”

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 26, 2024


Image Credit: Eurotech / InoNet

Embedded Computing Design’s Road to Embedded World will highlight a host of embedded suppliers who will be showcasing their latest products and technologies at Embedded World, April 9th to 11th in Nuremberg, Germany. Embedded World is the largest global gathering of its kind. Check back regularly to see where the Road to Embedded World takes us.

Visit Booth 1-553 at this year’s embedded world to witness Eurotech's Edge AI solutions in demonstrations utilizing a combination of secure certified hardware and software stacks leveraging Nvidia Triton for lively AI models. Its demonstrations will showcase the flexibility to conduct both continuous stream inspections and detailed inspections of still frames.

A wide range of rugged-edged industrial computers and industrial PCs will be represented by Eurotech and InoNet. Offerings span from ISA/IEC 62443-certified, security-focused, and customizable hardware to high-performance computing units, IoT Gateways, and an integrated edge software suite.

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