embedded world 2018: Unitronic presents new IoT-capable sensor solutions

February 07, 2018


embedded world 2018: Unitronic presents new IoT-capable sensor solutions

From Smart Cities, to IoT, to the Energy Harvesting Development Service, presents the latest product portfolio in Hall 3, Booth 221

Unitronic GmbH, a development service provider based in Dusseldorf and a member of the Swedish technology group Lagercrantz Group AB, will present its latest Sensor2Cloud product portfolio and demonstrators at this year's embedded world in hall 3, booth 221. The exhibition will focus on e-peas' Energy Harvesting Board with solar panels, IoT smart parking sensors, iWave OBD-II modules, Sierra Wireless IoT modules, and the new radio modules from Radiocrafts. 

Sensor2Cloud meets energy harvesting

The focus of the Energy Harvesting demonstration is the IC AEM10940 from e-peas, which is based on the specially developed Energy Management technology, with which electronic hardware can draw energy from the environment with maximum efficiency. With the help of Cap-XX supercapacitors, a board is operated by Radiocrafts, which retrieves the meter readings and transmits them to a cloud using W-MBUS technology. Intelligent parking sensors

At the booth, Unitronic will also be showing the PlacePod, an IoT-capable intelligent parking sensor for municipal and private parking management on the road and in the field. Unlike other magnetic, sensor-based parking sensors, PlacePod detects precise parking in dense urban environments and filters out electromagnetic interference or noise from, for example, subways. The sensors and algorithms are optimized for permanent, high-precision vehicle detection with extremely low power consumption. Modules from iWave and Sierra Wireless

As part of the module technology Unitronic presents the OBD II from iWave, a networked vehicle solution that includes all current communication functions such as 4G LTE, GPS receiver, Wifi and Bluetooth. It also supports all OBD II protocols and is integrated with accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer sensors. The product allows remote monitoring of vehicle behavior and diagnostics from a mobile device. In addition, Sierra Wireless's WP7702 module is available for Cat-M1 / NB1 networks, which is fully compliant with the 3GPP Release 13 standard and offers new low-cost and low-power technology for lower-IoT applications Bandwidth and extended reach beyond traditional mobile. This is used in consumer wearables, health monitoring devices,

Radiocrafts wireless modules and mangOH Red platform for industrial IoT applications

Also in focus are RF modules from Radiocrafts, which enable wireless networking in the world's available ISM bands. The modules support industry standard protocols such as Wireless M-Bus, Sigfox, KNX-RF and proprietary protocols; The modules are also compatible with the RC232 protocol for point-to-point and standard networks, TinyMesh, a small-scale network infrastructure for all ISM bands and ZNM as well as a 2.4 GHz mesh network. Also on the stand is the mangOH Red platform. The mangOH reference designs were developed specifically for mobile-enabled IoT applications and, in keeping with the Unitronic strategy, offer a Sensor2Cloud platform for rapid prototyping and its timely production. The board already contains a selection of useful peripherals,

Further information can be found at www.unitronic.de.