MultiTech Debuts Conduit 300 Gateway Developer Kit, Delivering Next-Gen Cloud Orchestration for Industrial IoT

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 27, 2020


The MultiTech Conduit 300 Series is a gateway developer kit featuring mPower Edge Intelligence to enable streamlined edge-to-cloud orchestration and management.

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. announced the MultiTech Conduit 300 Series, a gateway developer kit featuring mPower Edge Intelligence to enable streamlined edge-to-cloud orchestration and management. 

The Conduit 300 features a 16-channel LoRaWAN gateway with dual high-speed Ethernet ports and an embedded LTE cellular radio. It is driven by a Texas Instruments Sitara processor which enables software portability to processing configurations for future deployment and scalability. Standard GNSS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth with built-in power-over-Ethernet makes the Conduit 300 Series gateway developer kit ideal to support industrial IoT applications communicating with collection of end-points and protocols.

mPower Edge Intelligence offers IoT platforms to streamline edge-to-cloud data management and analytics. The software provides the programmability and processing capability for critical tasks at the edge of the network to reduce latency, control network and cloud services costs, and ensure core functionality.

mPower Edge Intelligence incorporates new security features including signed firmware validation, enhanced firewall, VPN settings, and secure authentication.

The Conduit 300 is now shipping to partners.

Visitors to Embedded World in Nuremburg this week can get a first glimpse at the new gateway by visiting MultiTech at the Embedded Computing Design exhibit in Hall 1, Stand 500.

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