Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Platform from Prylada

November 27, 2023

Press Release

Image Credit: Prylada

Prylada, a company providing end-to-end IoT solutions for intelligent asset monitoring, launches a new product for wireless condition monitoring with advanced low-power capabilities.

The Prylada Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Platform (or simply WASP) is designed to transfer data from industrial critical assets to a remote control panel for its analysis and visualization, using the Sub-1 GHz channel.

According to Dzmitry Tsybulka, Chairman of Prylada, “The new sensor platform is expected to change the way industrial asset monitoring is organized in general. The main advantage of the platform is that it lets almost any sensor work truly wirelessly. In turn, wireless data collection from your critical assets will greatly simplify the monitoring process, reduce the number of cables in your facilities, and ensure real-time alarm management in case of emergency.”

The platform can be equally applied as a stand-alone solution or part of the Prylada ecosystem. How the Prylada WASP works within the Prylada ecosystem:

  1. The platform connects to your critical assets and reads data from them.
  2. The read data is wirelessly transferred to a gateway for aggregation and primary processing.
  3. The gateway then sends the received data to a cloud-based or on-premises server.
  4. All the collected data is visualized on customized web or mobile app dashboards.


Energy harvesting is one of the key features of the Prylada WASP, especially for its application in production facilities. This feature means that the platform consumes very little power and can work from different ambient energy sources, such as vibration, solar energy, or heating.

Manufacturers use remote monitoring of equipment conditions to detect and eliminate potential problems with their industrial machines ahead of time. The lack of a proper monitoring system makes manufacturers waste time on routine maintenance, which is sometimes redundant and only causes extra costs. Yet, permanent condition monitoring in production facilities requires constant operation of sensors and other devices included in the monitoring network. In such circumstances, energy-saving practices play a vital role in reducing total production and maintenance costs. The energy harvesting feature allows the Prylada WASP to maximize the battery lifetime and ensure uninterrupted monitoring with low power consumption.

For the first time, The Prylada WASP was presented during Hannover Messe 2023. To demonstrate the energy harvesting feature of the platform, the Prylada team connected the platform to a mini music speaker. The vibration generated by the speaker was enough to power the platform, no battery was required for the device to operate.

About Prylada

Prylada allows you to integrate all existing assets of your physical infrastructure into a single controlled IoT-based system, to make it run autonomously as well as centralize and visualize data from the assets. With a full and accurate picture of all ongoing processes, you can quickly gauge the status of your critical assets, detect and eliminate production bottlenecks, and efficiently utilize all the organization’s resources.

Prylada helps you turn the collected data into high-value information to empower your business. For more information, please visit