WISER Systems Places First in Pitch Contest for Industrial IoT

June 05, 2017


WISER Systems Places First in Pitch Contest for Industrial IoT

WISER Systems, Inc., took first place in the Industrial Internet of Things category for IoT World 2017's Pitch Competition.


Raleigh, NC, June 05, 2017 — While showcasing its technology at IoT World 2017 last month, WISER Systems, Inc. took first place in the Conference’s Pitch Competition for Industrial IoT, and placed in the top six of all pitching companies.

“This event allowed us to show what we can do to a lot of big players in the IoT and other industrial technology fields,” said Dr. Elaine C. Rideout, CEO of WISER Systems. “And winning the Industrial IoT category was such an honor, given all the other impressive entries—I’m so proud of our amazing team.”

IoT World is the largest Internet of Things conference in the world, with over 11,000 IoT world leaders in attendance this year from organizations such as Amazon, Google, Apple, the United States Department of Defense, NASA, Boeing, and Facebook. As part of the conference WISER Solutions Engineer Logan Maxwell demonstrated the company’s technical capabilities by live-tracking a tagged mascot while conference participants moved the mascot around the convention center.

In addition to exhibiting at IoT World, WISER showcased its RRLT solution at two other major industry events this month—RFID Journal LIVE! In Phoenix, AZ, and LiveWorx 2017 in Boston, MA. At RFID Journal LIVE! WISER presented more interactive demos of its real-time tracking capabilities, and at the LiveWorx event WISER and its partner Kalypso presented an industrial tracking solution using RRLT technology. These conferences featured exhibitions and presentations from global experts in manufacturing, defense and aerospace, healthcare and pharmaceutical technology, and other industries relying increasingly on IoT solutions.

“It was exciting to showcase our technology live on the floor to potential customers and partners,” Maxwell said. “We’ve spent a long time in development to make sure our technology is the best in every metric, and it was very rewarding to see people’s reactions during a live demonstration. These conferences are great because they get decision-makers from different industry verticals in the same room.”

WISER’s Locator solution delivers the real-time, highly accurate, X, Y, Z location of critical assets within a defined perimeter without the need for electricians or expensive infrastructure. WISER’s RRLT™ accurately and autonomously provides “on-the-move” tracking that can be monitored through a web-based interface from any computer or mobile device.

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