Gumstix Announces Battery Powered Raspberry Pi Zero

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 13, 2020


The Gumstix Raspberry Pi Zero Battery board enables the Raspberry Pi Zero to stream video over WiFi (using battery power), and overlay real-time inertial data from the onboard BMI160.

Gumstix, Inc. announced the release of the Gumstix Raspberry Pi Zero Battery Board.

The Gumstix Raspberry Pi Zero Battery IMU board allows you to take your Raspberry Pi Zero anywhere by adding two rechargeable NiMH or NiCd batteries into the holder and it’s ready to go. Charging the batteries just requires plugging in the Raspberry Pi Zero using a USB cable. The onboard Bosch BMI160 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope allow you to easily track motion. You can also add a camera to enable wireless video streaming.

The Gumstix Battery IMU board can be customized to support a selection of other processors for wireless support. It is designed to attach to the bottom of the board.

What’s included:

1 × Raspberry Pi Zero Battery

Key component

1 × Memory (256Kb I2C Serial Board EEPROM)

1 × Switch slide R/A

1 × Battery Holder 2xAA

1 × IMU 16bit 3D Accel + 3D Gyro

1 × Linear Technology LTC4060 Fast Battery Charger

Additional Information:

RPi Zero Battery Datasheet

Customize the Gumstix Raspberry Pi® Zero to your project's specific needs in the free Geppetto App. Add functionality or remove unused components with the drag-and-drop interface.

Tutorial and Demo:

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